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“Leadership rejects reality, substitutes their own”

An apt headline It seems the US Navy is about to undertake action under some of the same convoluted reasoning that endangers communities all over the country. Sailors are too expensive, so let’s partially man warships with civilians! Read the … Continue reading

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I am outraged that I cannot drink your milkshake!

One of the political footballs of the news cycle has come from our own humble corner of the world. It seems a city fire department in Tennessee charges homeowners out in the county a voluntary fee for fire service. No … Continue reading

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Why do we buy our own gear?

Look at this video from Ohio. We are seeing more and more of this sort of attitude across the country from people who feel like firefighters (and other public safety people) are some sort of privileged class. Expect to see … Continue reading

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I am a street person

These guys are beyond the pale. The fire service, and all public employees, are taking a beating from the public during this recession. We are good scapegoats while the city fathers find ways to shuffle dollars to pet projects. Fire … Continue reading

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Strategic philosophy question: Defensive to offensive

I recently listened to a fire department work a one-story wood-frame residential structure fire. The first engine company arrived to find heavy involvement and stated that an offensive attack and primary search were impossible at that time. After a few … Continue reading

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Social media done right

I have to applaud LA City for their fantastic YouTube video on BC’s aides, as brought to us by Fossil Medic on Firegeezer.  Fire departments are just now starting to unlock the potential of the Web 2.0 revolution, and not … Continue reading

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Wanted: Firefighters for Free

The federal government has once again appropriated money to the SAFER grant program.  Due to economic conditions however, some of the stipulations have changed from years past.  A few of the noteworthy changes are the negation of any local match … Continue reading

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