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Allowing Fans to Tag Photos on Facebook

Engagement is key in social media.  A great way to keep the public engaged in social media is for them to interact with your photographs.  This is one thing that Facebook does really well for personal pages and something your … Continue reading

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Social Media – Live Exercise

We can talk about the importance and usefulness of Social Media in emergency management until we’re blue in the face.  The reality however is that we can’t truly grasp the usefulness of SM until we see it in action. I … Continue reading

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Republicans and 9/11 Responder Health

I sometimes hate just posting a link without adding value. However, I think Jon Stewart and Rhett Fleitz have captured the recent actions of the republican party surrounding the 9/11 health care bill quite well. If you have any interest … Continue reading

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“Leadership rejects reality, substitutes their own”

An apt headline It seems the US Navy is about to undertake action under some of the same convoluted reasoning that endangers communities all over the country. Sailors are too expensive, so let’s partially man warships with civilians! Read the … Continue reading

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Experimental NOAA radar display

As a break from fire service related topics, I enjoy spending time learning about mapping and weather. When those two topics come together, my inherent geeky-ness rejoices. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is in the process of developing … Continue reading

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CPR on your smartphone

You may have seen/heard rumors of new CPR guidelines coming out of the American Heart Association. I have no intent to cover some of the new recommendations or the logic behind them. Other bloggers have already undertaken that endeavour while … Continue reading

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Weekend Getaway

In my last post I alluded to my current need to recharge my instructional batteries. I’ll have that opportunity this upcoing weekend. The third weekend in October is something I look forward to every year. It is this weekend that … Continue reading

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