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Who is supposed to know who and what– when, where, and why?

Reports are coming in from Columbia, South Carolina that one firefighter was killed and another seriously injured when they were struck by a vehicle while operating along the interstate.  This is a tragedy, and, as with all LODDs, the hearts … Continue reading

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Urban Firefighter is about to piss some people off

And I say good for them! For my money, Urban Firefighter is one of the very best trade journals out there right now. They write unique articles that are thought-provoking and whatever the opposite of pedestrian is. Their graphics and … Continue reading

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2009 Firefighter Fatality Report

In case you missed it, the US Fire Administration has posted the 2009 Firefighter Fatality Report.  You can find a link to the report with an overview on the Firefighter Close Calls website or you can link directly to the … Continue reading

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New LODD Reports Posted

NIOSH has released three new reports regarding firefighter Line of Duty Deaths.  Print out the reports and share them with your folks.  Don’t let these become repeated events. Firefighter/Paramedic killed in flashover attempting rescue Fire Chief killed by backing apparatus … Continue reading

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Where I was

Everyone says 9/11 is one of those days that never lets you forget where you were. Like the JFK assassination a generation (or two) earlier, 9/11 is indelible. This is where I was: On September 11, 2001, I was asleep … Continue reading

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343 stickers are cheap

It’s easy to put those stickers on your helmet. It’s easy to buy some tee shirts. It’s easy to look at the logo Pierce has been slapping on trucks for years and say, “Look, we’re never forgetting 9/11.” All of … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11 (And don’t forget Keith Roma)

It is that most solemn of American days. Though, over time, the rawness will fade, it’s safe to say that most people still feel tinglings of the kick in the gut endured that morning. The fire service as a whole … Continue reading

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