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FireLaw Weighs in on Landmark Social Media Case

As expected, Curt Varone at Fire Law posted his insights on the recent settlement between AMR and Dawnmarie Souza. Mr. Varone covers the settlement from a legal perspective for Fire Chiefs and administrators. Mr. Varone agrees that it may have … Continue reading

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Urban Firefighter is about to piss some people off

And I say good for them! For my money, Urban Firefighter is one of the very best trade journals out there right now. They write unique articles that are thought-provoking and whatever the opposite of pedestrian is. Their graphics and … Continue reading

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Florida Training LODD Video

As I mentioned last week, I had the good fortune to attend the Missouri Fire Instructors Conference over the weekend. Along with coming home quite recharged, I also pulled away a great deal of helpful information. Over the next week, … Continue reading

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Wills for Heroes

One area we as a fire service devote too little attention is life after death. I think it’s a topic we would prefer not to think about, lest it cloud our judgement and reduce our risk tolerance. While not a … Continue reading

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The fire service’s part in homeland security

What part does your department play in your community?  What part do you play in your department?  Perhaps it is clearer to ask, What do we do?  We all can likely form some coherent answers to these questions, some obvious … Continue reading

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I am a street person

These guys are beyond the pale. The fire service, and all public employees, are taking a beating from the public during this recession. We are good scapegoats while the city fathers find ways to shuffle dollars to pet projects. Fire … Continue reading

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The future in a podcast

Battalion Chief Matt Tobia of Ann Arundel County, MD, gave an interesting interview at FRI recently. The title, “Thinking Strategically, Acting Tactically: Building A Culture of Extinguishment” is a dog whistle of sorts that invokes Ray McCormack’s (in)famous speech at FDIC … Continue reading

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