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Boston firefighters make citizens arrest

Curt Varone over at Fire Law has posted an interesting video from Boston. It should come as no surprise in this day and age that all of our actions will be caught on tape. Unfortunately, even if we’re doing our … Continue reading

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Strategic philosophy question: Defensive to offensive

I recently listened to a fire department work a one-story wood-frame residential structure fire. The first engine company arrived to find heavy involvement and stated that an offensive attack and primary search were impossible at that time. After a few … Continue reading

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Quickly noted: a spy in our midst

Is this really what we want?  En route to this future we are well on our way to abrogating all personal responsibility and obviating the need for company officers.  This is a lazy approach to managing and leading safety.* Instead … Continue reading

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Must a firefighter advocate residential sprinklers?

Sometimes I feel like the NFPA and prevention types would consider it anathema for a firefighter to fail to support, much less oppose, mandatory residential sprinklers.  Of course sprinklers save lives and property.  I also get the argument that they … Continue reading

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Quickly Noted

Never assume a run is routine.  One of our engine companies and a medic unit responded to a difficulty breathing call this morning for an elderly female.  The engine arrived to find she had been viciously assaulted, including a critical … Continue reading

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