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“Leadership rejects reality, substitutes their own”

An apt headline It seems the US Navy is about to undertake action under some of the same convoluted reasoning that endangers communities all over the country. Sailors are too expensive, so let’s partially man warships with civilians! Read the … Continue reading

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Well, did you tell them?

“‘The biggest misconception is that they think we have the same service level, of full career systems, as [the] Houston Fire Department. And it’s simply not true,’ said Ponderosa Fire Department Chief Fred Windisch.” -After “The property tax on this … Continue reading

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Urban Firefighter is about to piss some people off

And I say good for them! For my money, Urban Firefighter is one of the very best trade journals out there right now. They write unique articles that are thought-provoking and whatever the opposite of pedestrian is. Their graphics and … Continue reading

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October is ___________

I’ve been in arguments conversations before, with people who mostly think they’re too smart for religion, about the meaning of Christmas. The argument always comes to the indisputable fact that Christmas is really an adaptation of a pagan holiday, as … Continue reading

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Chief Art is right!

This post from Art Goodrich pretty much hits the nail on the head. The fire service needs to avail itself of all the various media and distribute a unified, consistent message. Most of us would be surprised at how little … Continue reading

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I am outraged that I cannot drink your milkshake!

One of the political footballs of the news cycle has come from our own humble corner of the world. It seems a city fire department in Tennessee charges homeowners out in the county a voluntary fee for fire service. No … Continue reading

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The fire service’s part in homeland security

What part does your department play in your community?  What part do you play in your department?  Perhaps it is clearer to ask, What do we do?  We all can likely form some coherent answers to these questions, some obvious … Continue reading

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