Media campaign – IAFC Style

My last post covered a media campaign on fire prevention utilizing a rap song as the delivery medium. The video above was recently released by the IAFC and IAFF to bring awareness to the risk of Carbon Monoxide exposure during overhaul operations. The video can also be found on the page, a website devoted to the hazards of Carbon Monoxide.

Given the power of YouTube to disseminate videos quickly to a large audience, I suspect we’ll see many similar campaigns in the future. As I said in the last post, I think this is a very cost effective means to deliver the message. I also give extra credit to the makers of the rap video for utilizing a non-traditional delivery medium to relay its message.

As a side note, the silent killer website is also sponsored by Masimo, maker of the Rad-57 pulse-CO oximeter. Rogue Medic has done a very thorough analysis of the product and its effectiveness. If you’re interested in the product, you should definitely visit these sites: The Rad-57: Does it work Part I, Part II.


About Josh

I am the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator for the Boone County Fire Protection District.
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