What’s the price of fire prevention?

I saw a video the other day that really piqued my interest. Suprisingly, the video wasn’t compelling fire scene footage with flames blowing out the front door. Instead, this video focused on fire prevention. The topic though wasn’t nearly as compelling as the format they used to convey the message.

Total investment for the video: $8,000. Did the West Midlands Fire Service (England) use its taxpayer funds wisely? That’s the question Rhett posed to his readers just the other day. While the comment section was a lilttle slower than a typical Fire Critic post, all the comments seemed to think they did. I agree. Kudos to the West Midlands Fire Service for going out on a limb and trying a new approach. We here in the US have only pontificated about the need to spend more money on fire prevention. West Midlands put their money where their mouth was. Kudos to them.

While not my typical choice in music, I can see how this message would resonate with a wide audience (one who most needs to hear the fire prevention message). I think it would be an excellent opportunity for someone to research the effectiveness of such an ad campaign. The mass appeal that this video has received (~8,000 views as of December 9th) seems like a logical choice when considering the cost benefit of the message. The video has proven itself capable of being watched, the only question is whether it effectively conveys the message. Sounds like a good thesis topic….

Particularly considering this sort of an approach seems like just the avenue American fire service organizations should take in recruiting volunteer members. I could easily see adding a logo/patch at the end of this video (or one very similar) with a link to an online application. A video like this (targeted at recruitment) would seem like a shoe in to receive a SAFER grant award from the USFA/FEMA. The video could be somewhat generic on the front end but be easily tailored at the end to include a departments logo and website information.

A short, simple video that reaches a target audience that can easily be adapted to any small department. All for $8,000? That’s chump change.


About Josh

I am the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator for the Boone County Fire Protection District.
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One Response to What’s the price of fire prevention?

  1. Completely agree, great video, great idea all for $8000. No brainer..

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