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“Leadership rejects reality, substitutes their own”

An apt headline It seems the US Navy is about to undertake action under some of the same convoluted reasoning that endangers communities all over the country. Sailors are too expensive, so let’s partially man warships with civilians! Read the … Continue reading

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Who is supposed to know who and what– when, where, and why?

Reports are coming in from Columbia, South Carolina that one firefighter was killed and another seriously injured when they were struck by a vehicle while operating along the interstate.  This is a tragedy, and, as with all LODDs, the hearts … Continue reading

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Well, did you tell them?

“‘The biggest misconception is that they think we have the same service level, of full career systems, as [the] Houston Fire Department. And it’s simply not true,’ said Ponderosa Fire Department Chief Fred Windisch.” -After “The property tax on this … Continue reading

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Boston firefighters make citizens arrest

Curt Varone over at Fire Law has posted an interesting video from Boston. It should come as no surprise in this day and age that all of our actions will be caught on tape. Unfortunately, even if we’re doing our … Continue reading

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I have no intention to post anything lengthy today. Instead, I encourage you to use the time you would have otherwise spent reading this post to research the candidates for tomorrow’s election. Improvement of the fire service is a team … Continue reading

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