NIST Report on the Charleston Sofa Fire

Christopher Naum over at CommandSafety has posted a very thorough overview of the recently released NIST report regarding the Charleston Sofa Fire. In the report, the NIST makes several recommendations for the national fire service.

  • Adopt and enforce uniform building codes
  • Hire qualified building inspectors and planners
  • Encourage sprinklers
  • Use comprehensive risk management plans
  • Ventilatation research and policy
  • Research upholstered furniture flame spread
  • Research improvements of fire barriers
  • Research fire service performance metrics
  • Christopher Naum has done an excellent job of posting all of the pertinent information and details surrounding the report. Each of the recommendations above are outlined in further detail with more actionable items for fire service leaders to undertake. I encourage you to visit the site here and learn what it takes to keep this from ever happening again. While I won’t go into any further detail on the majority of the recommendations, I’ve paid particular interest to the recommendation for fire service performance metrics. I think this goes hand in hand to some of the controversies plaguing large departments and their elected officials. I’ll pull together some of the research and post it here shortly. In the meantime, check out Command Safety and learn from the past.


    About Josh

    I am the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator for the Boone County Fire Protection District.
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