AHA Updates

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned that I had no desire to to delve deeply into the logic and changes to the new AHA guidelines. While my lack of interest in the medical side of the world is partly to blame, the overarching reason is because better (MUCH better) bloggers are already doing it. Rather than leave you hanging, I wanted to at a minimum ensure you were viewing their sites for the updates.

  • If you’re just beginning to review the changes to the new guidelines, the best place to start is over at RogueMedic. This post has a listing of three seperate podcasts by well informed people covering many of the changes to the guidelines. Not sure why, but when dealing with issues like this it is always easier for me to listen to other informed people discuss the changes as opposed to reading a large bundle of papers.
  • If you’re motivated by the written word, a good text overview of changes can be found at Paramedicine101.
  • And finally, if you’re the type of person that enjoys reading the full document yourself, feel free to download the AHA guidelines here (.pdf, 32 pages).
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