Tumblr: A potential training tool

As a member of the Y-generation, I feel compelled to at least try each of the new social media platforms that arise. While Tumblr is by no means the newest kid on the block, it has been gaining in media attention and popularity. Given the rise interest, I decided to give the platform a shot.

Simply described, I see Tumblr as a cross between Twitter and a full scale blog. Tumblr is quite versatile in that it allows easy posting of pictures, audio, video, quotes, text, and links. Considering the many different training aids in use by fire departments acros the country, this versatility is quite handy. But while Tumblr appears to provide much of the functionality of a full-scale blog platform such as WordPress, it maintains a simplicity on par with Twitter. Posts are designd to be short and standalone. The design is also quite simple, making it very intuitive for even the most technology averse training officers.

I’ve only recently began putting the blog together, yet I can already see great potential in its use. If you have ever had any interest in creating a simple blog-style site to store training information for your folks, Tumblr is the place to start. For a quick tutorial on the platform, check out the video below.


About Josh

I am the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator for the Boone County Fire Protection District.
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