October is ___________

I’ve been in arguments conversations before, with people who mostly think they’re too smart for religion, about the meaning of Christmas. The argument always comes to the indisputable fact that Christmas is really an adaptation of a pagan holiday, as though it would be some revelation to most people that the historical Jesus was not actually born on December 25th. My answer to this line of attack is from personal experience. You see, I was born on November 11th. On that day each year I do something with some friends and family to commemorate my birthday. But November 11th is also Veteran’s Day here in the United States and most of the country celebrates those who have served in our armed forces. Veteran’s Day itself is an adaptation of Armistice Day (aka, Poppy Day or Remembrance Day) which is still celebrated as such across the pond in the old countries. The point is that November 11th can mean different things to different people in different places and times; no one has a copyright on that date.

So it is with October. National Night Out was this month. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and the Pink Heals Tour is a great fire service-themed organization that you really ought to check out). But it is also Fire Prevention Month. Don’t forget that last one in the mix. That being said, this is very cool.

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