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NIST Report on the Charleston Sofa Fire

Christopher Naum over at CommandSafety has posted a very thorough overview of the recently released NIST report regarding the Charleston Sofa Fire. In the report, the NIST makes several recommendations for the national fire service. Adopt and enforce uniform building … Continue reading

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AHA Updates

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned that I had no desire to to delve deeply into the logic and changes to the new AHA guidelines. While my lack of interest in the medical side of the world is partly to blame, … Continue reading

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Urban Firefighter is about to piss some people off

And I say good for them! For my money, Urban Firefighter is one of the very best trade journals out there right now. They write unique articles that are thought-provoking and whatever the opposite of pedestrian is. Their graphics and … Continue reading

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Experimental NOAA radar display

As a break from fire service related topics, I enjoy spending time learning about mapping and weather. When those two topics come together, my inherent geeky-ness rejoices. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is in the process of developing … Continue reading

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Tumblr: A potential training tool

As a member of the Y-generation, I feel compelled to at least try each of the new social media platforms that arise. While Tumblr is by no means the newest kid on the block, it has been gaining in media … Continue reading

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CPR on your smartphone

You may have seen/heard rumors of new CPR guidelines coming out of the American Heart Association. I have no intent to cover some of the new recommendations or the logic behind them. Other bloggers have already undertaken that endeavour while … Continue reading

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Latest NIST Newsletter

The NIST has released their latest version of the newsletter. I’ve always found the newsletter to be a great resource for relevant fire service research. In this latest issue, you’ll find articles on: -Firefighter exposure to smoke particles -Air … Continue reading

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