Every fire department is next door

This San Bruno fire is pretty crazy. What is taken for granted is how easy it is to get the information like we were on top of it. I have live video on one tab, live fire scanners on another tab, a map of the local pipeline network on the next tab, various local newspapers and TV channels, Google Street View, and Tweetdeck. I’m also chatting via Google chat and Facebook chat with various firefighters who are also listening in and crawling around the internet.

In effect, I am directly connected to thousands of distributed reporters via Twitter and its great hashtag system, I can view the neighborhood itself via Google Earth and Street View, and I can get centralized reporting from more traditional media. Not to mention that, as a firefighter, I can get the most accurate and rapid information possible by listening to tactical radio traffic.

A picture of the Tweetdeck control panel

This is a live information stream that you can tailor to your needs and wants.

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2 Responses to Every fire department is next door

  1. Dave LeBlanc says:

    Kinda puts the old days of crawling out on your roof with a portable scanner so you can hear more and maybe see the loom up to shame huh?

  2. Jack B. says:

    Excellent post. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but this is a pretty cool site that takes Twitter feeds and plots them globally…there’s one plot for the San Bruno fire event…and I heard it was used during the Haiti earthquake response to locate trapped victims…


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