Compressed Air Foam Systems

You may have been hearing about a lot of new apparatus being equipped with compressed air foam systems (CAFS).  What you may not being hearing a lot about is what CAFS does and why it’s beneficial.  If you’re new to the concept of CAFS, a good place to start may be Wednesday’s Webinar provided by Firefighter Nation.  The webinar is from 2 to 3 PM EDT and would be an excellent company level training.

If that leaves you wanting for more information, I’ve located a few resources that may give you some more insight.

  • CAFS for Structural Firefighting (USFA Technical Report) – This document is from 1994 but gives some good recommendations and experiences from front line firefighters in the Boston Fire Department.
  • CAFS in Limited Staffing Situations (Executive Fire Officer Report) – This is a good opportunity to benefit from the fine work being performed by our Executive Fire Officer candidates….check it out!
  • NIST CAFS Documents – Again, these are from the early to mid 90’s, but still provide a little more technical information on CAFS.
  • Evaluation of the Fire Suppression Effectiveness of Manually Applied CAFS (Report from Fire Technology) – This is a journal based article on the topic.  While good, this also means that if you do not have access to a college libary, you’ll likely get stuck with the $34 price tag (for that price you may be able to join your alumni organization and get free library access as a benefit).
  • Compressed Air Foam textbook (IFSTA)
  • CAFS – This site provides some general information on CAFS that may be of benefit to you.
  • Compressed Air – Again, another basic site for CAFS information.

About Josh

I am the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator for the Boone County Fire Protection District.
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One Response to Compressed Air Foam Systems

  1. Patrick says:

    I’ll be running an anti-CAFS article soon. Preview: I think CAFS will get firefighters killed if they use it in interior attacks on fires in the growth and free-burning stages. NFPA needs to promulgate a standard specifying that CAFS is not to be used in interior attacks. Disinformation from manufacturers (and their outsized influence on suppression-related standards making) is endangering firefighter lives.

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