The books that mattered to me

Patrick had a great post the other day that highlighted some of the books that had the most influence on his fire career.  I wanted to share my influential book list as well in hopes you may find one that will be beneficial for you.

Building Construction for the Fire Service by Francis Brannigan

This book provides an  excellent review of the construction we as firefighters can expect to face.  Brannigan provides a wealth of information on each of the five building classificiations.  While rather lengthy, it is written in such a fashion that firefighters could use it as a review tool for just the construction types of interest to them.  However, Brannigan also includes enough information on all of the construction types to make it an excellent comprehensive training tool

Positive Pressure Attack for Ventilation and Firefighting by Kriss Garcia, Reinhard Kauffmann, and Ray Schelble

Say what you want about Positive Pressure Attack (PPA).  It doesn’t really matter whether you agree with it or think it’s unsafe.  I appreciate this book for more than just advocating a new firefighting tactic.  I appreciate this book for taking the time to analyze their tactic to determine if it truly is a better way of doing business.  In my opinion, there are too many books written on firefighting tactics that do not include a sufficient amount of research and reasoning in their approach.  This book is different.  It’s worthy of a read just to see how we as a fire service can incorporate research into our operations to make us all safer.

Managing Fire Rescue Services by Dennis Compton and John Granito

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy reading about the administrative and leadership aspects of firefighting.  Of the several books I’ve read, this one is the most comprehensive text covering how to operate a fire department.

B-Shifter by Nick Brunacini

While this book had no influence on how I operate as a firefighter, it did provide a nice relief from the more tactically focused texts I’ve reviewed.  This book was a quick read that was quite enjoyable.  If you’re looking for a break from operational reading but still looking for something to pique your firefighting interest, this is a must.

I love to read and I’m always on the lookout for the next good book.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments for me to check out.


About Josh

I am the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator for the Boone County Fire Protection District.
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One Response to The books that mattered to me

  1. Patrick says:

    I, too, enjoyed B-Shifter. It’s light and fast and it’s funny. The chapter about working for the captain and EO who hated him actually helped me through a rough patch in my work once.

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