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Has the urban world passed by the vollies?

Let me throw out a little comment bait for you. I had a conversation last night with a friend who volunteers in the DC area in a large combination department. He has a hard time understanding why the paid guys … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crew Resource Management

Crew Resource Management: Principles and Practice Price: $46.95 It’s always nice when someone else does the hardwork for us, isn’t it? Luckily for those of us in the fire service, there are plenty of other professions that are doing some … Continue reading

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Quickly noted: Every day is a training day?

A lot of people are fond of this saying. Do you actually go out to drill every shift? Somehow I doubt it, at least if you make more than a couple of calls a shift. But we need to remember … Continue reading

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Mayday Training Resources

Tomorrow during our recruit academy we will be preparing our students for a mayday event.  To begin this lesson, we start with two great training videos.  I believe that they’re such good training tools that I wanted to make sure … Continue reading

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Reality Check

My wife has recently become a big fan of the TV show Boston Med. It’s a real life docudrama about life in Boston hospitals. I’ve actually grown to like this show, moreso than some of her other favorites.  Boston Med … Continue reading

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Houston’s new chief could be a game changer (corrected)

Whenever the third-largest fire department in the country (by their reckoning) gets anew fire chief, it’s worth noting across the fire service. Today, Mayor Annise Parker announced that the Houston Fire Department would be led by Terry Garrison, formerly an … Continue reading

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Apparatus Accidents

I’m in the middle of coordinating a local recruit training academy. This week happens to be the emergency vehicle driving section of the program. As is typical, I conducted my search online for apparatus and POV accidents to use as … Continue reading

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