Quickly Noted

Never assume a run is routine.  One of our engine companies and a medic unit responded to a difficulty breathing call this morning for an elderly female.  The engine arrived to find she had been viciously assaulted, including a critical throat wound, and did not know what had happened (hence telling 911 only that she could not breath).  The knife was still laying bloody on the floor.  They walked into the house thinking it was one more of the seemingly innumerable dyspnea calls we go on every year but instead found themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.  One member of the crew, a former prison guard, made a quick search of the house.  That’s certainly not ideal, but it’s probably better than having someone sneak up behind you  The lady wound up dying and we wound up remembering, again, to watch our backs and keep our minds flexible.  We all move through mental maps that we impose on the world.  Hikers know of a phenomenon in which they try to make a real map fit their mental map when they’re lost; this is called bending the map.

Do not let yourself get caught in this bent map.  Therein lurks all sorts of nastiness.

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